Great Train Robbery

A chauffer drove a Bentley to the Victoria Station in Strasbourg, France and dropped his passenger off, a stylish lady. She boarded a train to Paris, with a mission. The china cupboard in her manor held an eight piece collection of Euro Star engraved coffee cups and saucers, used for her train parties, one cup was broken and needed to heist another one.

The express train, in route to Paris, served for breakfast, ‘Bonjour la France French Toast.’ The specialty offered in the dining car was ordered along with coffee, steaming in a cup, a replacement she must have for entertaining her guests. She devoured the toast and sipped the last drop of coffee. No one watching, slipped the empty cup into her purse and withdrew a similar engraved hotel cup, dropping it on the floor.

Unexpectedly, the cup did not break, bouncing on the carpet into the aisle. Passengers and a waiter saw it. He picked it up and placed it on his tray. “Sorry madam, may I serve you another cup of coffee?”

“That would be appreciated. Please clear my plate and silver wear. I would like a clean napkin.” She placed hers over the hotel cup on the tray. The fresh coffee tasted delicious, drank the last drop and placed the second empty cup into her purse. She now had an extra cup for her train parties.

They may not have been part of the ladies anatomy, however one could say she had ‘balls’.