Little Dears

“I’m a writer.” She said. “Have short stories in magazines and newspapers in the area, never been out of Scotland.”

He, “What do you write about?”


“Sheep you say?”

“Yes, I know a lot about the little dears, as well as the people who raise and herd them. You would be amazed at the conflicts and plots that arise over wool and mutton. My stories, so far, are mostly sheep thrillers.”

He, “I know absolutely nothing about sheep.”

“Well you should,  more sheep in Scotland than people. Do you play tennis?”

“Some, mostly enjoy watching the players whacking the ball back and forth.”

“There wouldn’t be any whacking if not for sheep. Their catgut is used for stringing rackets.”

“Really, now that is important to know.”

“Something else you should know. Lanolin is natural oil found in sheep fleece which is used to produce cosmetics. Do you know what else sheep are for?”

“No, but I think you’ll tell me.”

She told him all about sheep wool as a natural fiber and its uses.

“Well you certainly are an authority on sheep.”

“Yes, though I intend to write about romance and passion instead of the white woolies. Perhaps you could be of help.”