A Sweet Girl

An elegant restaurant, romantic candles, an array of silverware and crystal did not intimidate the girl. Back straight, shoulders level, she unfolded a linen napkin, daintily placed it on her lap.

“Would Madame care for a glass of wine?”

“A glass of Red Barbera French Colombae wine, year 1989 please.”

Her host, a distinguished gentleman said, “I thought you didn’t drink.”

“I don’t. The ruby color will add ambience to the table. I want to absorb its mystical transparency, occasionally enjoy swirling it around in the glass.”

Menus placed before them, the man pulled a monocle attached to a gold chain from his breast pocket.

The girl said, “Charming, what’s it for?”

“To hypnotize you.”

“I wish you would. I could authentically write about a villain hypnotizing a sweet girl, having his way.”

“I’ll contribute the hypnotic portion you’ll have to invent the steamy part.”

“Don’t worry, I have a vivid imagination.”