Nine, she began making her own simple clothing and engaged girlfriends in the project. Cutting and sewing fabrics in her house was a little girl’s adventure into the fashion world.

Creativity progressed along with age, her style and mark became simple elegance, no sleaze. She had a definite talent as a sketch artist, able to draw two dimensionally while mentally visualizing the third dimension. Her drawings did not illustrate face and bones, just shapes and flares of cloth representing vital moments in life. A frothy dancing gown, a slinky black cocktail dress, an alluring negligee and smashing conference room suit; imaginative creations.

Graduating from college she negotiated a deal with her father who owned a variety of commercial properties in and around town, including a vacant house on a two-lane highway leading into town with no bites on it. She proposed an arrangement. If he would lease it to her for five years at a favorable rate with no payments the first year she would remodel the structure.

She convinced her involved girlfriends to issue a ‘no regrets’ invitation to their boyfriends, ‘Work on the house and I’ll be your  precious slave.’ In a month it was the most admired building on the highway.

Her father now had some tempting offers from buyers, but a contract was a contract which included a ‘sweetener’. The daughter forfeited a credit card the father had given her during college, an offer he could not refuse.