Going To Florida

A newlywed couple, holding hands, strolled down a marina pier. A lovely evening, they passed one impressive boat after another. Each tied bow in to their finger dock. Moonlight glistened off chrome and varnish. Not a soul about.

“Look,” the man said to his young wife, “There is the boat we should own someday. A beauty, isn’t it?”

She, “I love the sleek lines, can we walk down its dock for a better look?”

“Sure, it’s late, no one is around.”

She, “It has a nice open cockpit in the stern. What size and model is it?”

“A 28 foot sport sedan, it sleeps two in forward V bunks and two on a pull-out dinette.”

“It’s not covered. Do you suppose we could climb aboard and take a peek?”

He assisted her aboard. She said, “Isn’t this nice.” and asked, “I wonder what the kitchen is like?”

He, “It’s called a galley.” and tried the cabin door. “It’s unlocked would you like to see below?”

“Gosh, what if we were caught?”

“Midnight, no one is around. He helped her down the stairs. “We better not turn a light on. There is enough dock light to see by.”

The two made their way forward. She, “The galley is so cute and the dinette, how cozy, and look, there is a shower in the bathroom. We could live aboard.”

“Wait to you see the forward stateroom with V bunks.” Both were surprised, the bunks being a double bed. They plopped on the mattress. She put her arms around him. “This is so romantic, wouldn’t it be nice to spend the night here, so private.”

He thought, is she serious, do they dare; when they heard footsteps on the dock. The boat tilted to port, someone boarded.

The wife in his arms, he whispered to her, “Don’t move or make sound, someone is up in the cabin.”

Blowers were turned on, two engines started, footsteps port and starboard, lines were cast off. Throttles pulled back and the boat edged out of the well. They were underway. The wife, “My God, what’s going on, what should we do?”

The husband, “Stay quiet, I think a thief is stealing the boat.”

She, “Someone is stealing our yacht?”

He, “Not quite our yacht, we were just about to make out in it.”

They clung to each other. Soon the boat slowed down, engines turned off and they heard a scraping on the bottom of the hull. He said, “The boat is being loaded onto a trailer and hauled out of the water.”

She, “But we are in it.”

He, “No one knows that.”

The trailer, hooked to a pickup, moved forward and stopped. Voices of two men were heard and the sound of a tarp being pulled entirely over the boat. Then a whirring sound, the husband said, “My God, we are being shrink-wrapped inside.”

The wife said, “My God, we’ll suffocate.”

Two voices, “This boat will be worth a fortune in Florida. A long drive, we better start.” The trailer with the boat on it began to move.

She, “My God, I don’t have my bathing suit.”

He, “Well, look at the bright side, it will not cost us a thing, going to Florida.”