Photograph – William Plante

Years before being married I joined the infantry and left on a train from this station.

 The day before, I dropped my girlfriend and her three suitcases off here to board a train to New York City. There to visit a school roommate who had an apartment in the ‘Big Apple; never there or on a train, maybe find a job. She kissed me in the car; no one could see.”Let me off in front, I can handle the suitcases.” No need, I heard a young man carried them, another to her compartment who invited her for a drink in the club car where she also had never been.

The young man bought her a drink, she ordered water. Invited her to dinner; “Thank you, I have a sandwich in a suitcase.” An older woman overheard, asked my girl to join she and her husband in the dining car. No surprise to me they found her fascinating, knew every state capital in the country and those in Europe. They offered her a job in their Manhattan Travel Agency.

The counterweight to shyness is courage.